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Brand Story

PlaNeat’s meticulousness starts from the beginning with our belief
‘Freshness is the essence of delicious and nutritional seafood products’

We develop new products which are 
sea snack and frozen seafood for those who truly love seafood.

We select our raw materials from natural sources to make fresh seafood products 
through meticulous process, without artificial preservative, colorant, and flavoring
in order to ensure that every piece is the most delicious and beneficial from the sea.

Southern Seafood Products Co.,Ltd.
is the Expert in Frozen Seafood and Seafood By-product

We select only fresh raw materials from natural sources and meticulous in every process in order to deliver quality seafood, which is fully packed with real taste and goodness from the sea.

We are guaranteed by international standard, HACCP, GMP and HALAL, and trusted by Japanese suppliers over 17 years.

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